Importance of recycling in businesses

Most people are happy to be recycling in their homes. Did you know you can extend your actions to the workplace? There are several benefits of recycling within a business both for the environment and the business especially when it comes to tasks such as destructing confidential documents. Recycling programs are easy to bring in and with just a little effort you can make a big difference. There is no reason not to recycle.

Money savings

Reducing waste means reducing costs. In fact, if you are taking certain materials like metal for rebate then you could be making money where you would often be losing it.

Protecting the environment

Did you know that recycling reduces ten different pollutants and eight separate categories of water pollutants? For each ton of paper that you are recycling, you can be saving around 7,000 gallons of water and 16 trees. Recycling centres can also decrease the strain on the landfills. This is important for the materials like electronics which can contain certain toxins that can contaminate groundwater which can then affect the health of the community.

Energy savings

Saving energy is very important for both the environmental and financial levels. For example, the aluminium cans which is creating a can that is made from recycled materials need less than 5 per cent of the energy that is needed to create one can. To put this into perspective the energy savings are a similar amount that is needed to power your television for about three hours.

No as much need for strip mining

Different types of electronic equipment can contain precious metals and other materials in power supplies and circuit boards.  When recycling things like old electronic devices you can be reducing the need for the environmentally damaging the strip mining. This helps deal with limitless waste management solutions for every business.

Creating jobs

The recycling industry needs a bigger workforce than waste management. For every job within recycling collection, there are eight created for the manufacturing of that recovered recycled materials. Hence increasing recycling initiatives can help ensure that jobs relating to sustainable development.

Improved company image

All consumers love to know that different companies they are buying from are responsible. Advertisement for recycling efforts can also increase customer loyalty. Recycling can also improve the personal image with the employees that are seeing different efforts that are being made within the business which can boost the lower staff turnover, increase individuals and how they recycle at home and boost morale.

Starting a workplace of recycling can help you to take full advantage of the different benefits that are available. There are recycling bins and site furnishings that are available which will encourage your employees to recycle at work and home.

  • Separate your different types of wastes. Ensure you are educated in the different types of rubbish and which can be reused, and which cannot. Make sure that you have separate bins for the waste that is going within the landfill and the stuff that can be recycling.
  • Introduce waste reduction programs, it is a good way to build communication and cooperation amongst the staff and reduce waste. Appoint your own waste management coordinator who can establish a program that reflects your business needs.
  • Review all of your products. Businesses are able to make big savings if they know-how. For instance, does the cost of getting rid of certain materials outweigh the cost of buying or producing them? Is it possible for your business to use fewer materials or reuse them?