My Tips For Purchasing Your New Home

It dawned on me that buyers actually require a fundamental summary of what goes into buying a new home. Notably for first-time house buyers that aren’t knowledgeable about this procedure.

Keep in mind the measures in the house purchasing process may differ from state to state. But when you strip away all the specificities, there are actually only 5 basic actions to purchasing a house.  These 5 steps do not require a particular order, so it’s up to you the process you chose to take.


Hire a Real Estate Agent

Since I am a former agent, I recommend hiring a commercial real estate agent first. However, you don’t need to if you would rather visit open homes and sift through a mumbo-jumbo of houses through online property sales. Ultimately, an agent will save you time.

An agent can send you listings that match your parameters, and you won’t waste time searching through contingent listings which are under contract.

Agents frequently know of new listings coming up which aren’t yet available on the industry.

Some agents will preview houses for you.

An agent can normally spot overpriced listings through property valuation and notify you accordingly.

Find a House to Buy

Purchasing a house can be a very overwhelming process and emotionally draining. Finding the ideal house isn’t always a simple undertaking. I advise buyers to program a max of 7 houses at one time since any more than this can make a buyer’s mind spin. If there isn’t anything on the market that is taking your fancy, consider building your own home, where you can choose from a wide range of house and land packages in Melbourne. There are a lot of floor plans for new homes online that you can view and adjust to suit your liking.

Once the neighbourhood is chosen, most buyers wind up purchasing a house after two or three home tours.

Obtain Financing

It is not always necessary to have a mortgage agent or lender in your pocket prior to purchasing a house, but it is smarter to find loan pre-approval beforehand. This way you know for sure just how much home to purchase.

Popular first-time buyer loans are FHA loans since the minimum deposit requirement is a lot less than an average loan. But if you’re considering purchasing foreclosures, as an instance, traditional buyers have a tendency to get priority together with REO banks.

You may ask your agent to get a referral from your mortgage agent or check to your personal bank/credit marriage. Compare the kinds of mortgages readily available for you along with your GFE.

Mortgage down payment hints:

1. Start Saving for a down payment premature
It is common to put down 20%, but a lot of lenders now allow much less, and first-time house buyer programs allow as low as 3%. A 5% deposit on a $200,000 house is $10,000, for example.

2. Research your down payment and payment choices
There are tons of mortgage choices on the market, each with their own mixture of advantages and disadvantages.

Negotiating The Best Price

Buyers shouldn’t compare the prices of the houses they have visited, although this is the advertised price, it may not be an accurate figure to the actual value of the house. Sellers of a home can ask for any price they desire. It does not mean that the house will sell at the price.

An agent can offer a sales comparison and analyze other impending house sales. Comparable sales are houses that fit a similar description in relation to condition and location to the house you are looking to purchase, that have sold over the previous 3 months.

There is a chance you might have to pay over listings advertised price for a property for sale if there are a lot of other people vying for this home too. However, your agent can create you a reasonable budget and price range for you to follow. Any agent will tell you that price is not the only thing that can seal the deal in making an offer for a home. However, in most cases, it is the winning edge.


Do a House Inspection

There are three main benefits of doing a house inspection:

1. Identify potential issues early

Do a thorough inspection of the home. While some house builders in Melbourne are exceptional and pay close attention to detail, others just want to get the job done quickly and may end up cutting corners. By identifying any probable issues early it will avail you the opportunity to make the seller aware of any issues or damage to the house. This could result in the seller agreeing to fix damages or issues prior to the finalisation of the sale of the home. Or it might mean that the cost of damages could be accounted for in the final price meaning, either way, you will be spending your money effectively.

2.Cost the house right

As touched on in number one, doing a house inspection could help you get more bang for your buck as well as potentially spend less than you had originally anticipated. A house inspection report by a reliable and licensed home inspector enables the seller to correctly cost the property which may differ significantly from the listing price to your favour.

3. Create a sense of assurance

Seeing your potential new home is imperative before purchase.  It will provide you with assurance as to whether or not this is the home you should purchase. Being in the space helps you to picture whether you can see yourself living in there. In addition, identifying if there are any issues with the property will make sure there are no nasty surprises and hidden cost later on.